Truth Told Marketing Group
                        truth - what people deserve
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About Us
Who we are –

Truth Told Marketing Group is made up of many talented individuals around the globe, brought together by Kimberly Tsirigotis, an international marketing consultant and speaker with over 20 years in the marketing and advertising industry. 

What we do –

We do all the things a marketing firm does - advertising, collateral, branding, website development, public relations, sales sheets, planning and research, social networking and more – but the important thing is HOW we do it…

Truth Told Marketing Group uncovers the unique truths about your product or service, discovers who will truly use it, and then tells that message in a way the truth can be heard.

With the internet facilitating modern day communication – word of mouth is now faster than the speed of sound, it travels at the speed of light! And what gets noticed is truth, honesty, what is real – so tell people what they really want to hear -
Tell ‘em the truth.

"American advertising has learned to tell the truth attractively about American products. When the product is good, and the truth is told, we have the appealing combination that secures sales and keeps the wheels of industry turning."

- Norman Vincent Peale

"Sure you can fool some people once or twice, but this is the key lesson of new marketing: Once fooled, a person will never repeat your story to someone else.  If you are not authentic, you will get the benefit of only one sale, not 100."

- Seth Godin, FSB 2005

"Regardless of the moral issue, dishonesty in advertising has proved very unprofitable."

- Leo Burnett
About Us -

Truth Told Marketing Group is a marketing consultancy firm headed by Kimberly Tsirigotis. Our core belief is that marketing is the practice of identifying who would truly be interested in your product or service, anticipating how and when that interest will arise and then satisfying that consumers need for information in a profitable way. We give you the tools to honestly communicate with the consumer so you will reach the people who truly want your product. It fits in with the simple tenant of good business, “Say what you do, then do what you say.” We practice truth in marketing.

We know that if you believe in your product and think it is useful, then other people out there will feel the same; you just have to reach them. You do not have to convince them to buy, you simply have to let them know that you exist; that you are exactly what they have been looking for. This strategy is based on a focused and targeted marketing campaign. We cut the fluff out of your campaign and correspondingly out of your budget. Having a clear consistent and truthful voice is necessary to cut through the clutter of today’s over-saturated marketplace and reach your target audience.

Kimberly Tsirigotis has over 20 years experience in the advertising and marketing arena, working in the United States and internationally for firms ranging in size from cottage industry start-ups to U.S. government bureaus and multi-national corporations. Her expertise is in the food and beverage industry, but her clients have spanned a myriad of industries including health care, apparel and accessories, telecommunications, security, professional services, and real estate.

A small sampling of clients include the U.S. Census Bureau, Comcast Cable, Renaissance Vineyard and Winery, Apollo Olive Oil, Citizens Health Alliance, Terra Firma, Practice Advancement and Chevy’s Mexican Restaurants. She has worked with most of the major advertising agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy, JWT, Euro RSCG, and Leo Burnett as part of the creative team or as a consultant.