"American advertising has learned to tell the truth attractively about American products. When the product is good, and the truth is told, we have the appealing combination that secures sales and keeps the wheels of industry turning."

- Norman Vincent Peale

"Sure you can fool some people once or twice, but this is the key lesson of new marketing: Once fooled, a person will never repeat your story to someone else.  If you are not authentic, you will get the benefit of only one sale, not 100."

- Seth Godin, FSB 2005

"Regardless of the moral issue, dishonesty in advertising has proved very unprofitable."

- Leo Burnett
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Key consultant, Kimberly Clouthier has over 20 years experience in advertising and marketing. After completing her studies in advertising and photography from the highly acclaimed Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, she began her career on the creative side of the team, as a professional food photographer in New York City. For five years she worked for publications such as Food and Wine, Eating Well, Ladies Home Journal and Better Homes and Gardens. She also worked on creative campaigns with most of the major advertising agencies including Saatchi and Saatchi, Ogilvy and Mather and JWT.

She moved to San Francisco to become part of the corporate culture for Chevy’s Mexican Restaurants when they were emerging as a new chain, recently acquired by Pepsi Corporation. She tailored her communication and networking skills toward management training and promotion, designing Corporate Public Relations programs and Management Training programs for store level managers of newly purchased Chevy’s Restaurants.

Kimberly returned to photography and began her consulting career when she moved to Europe. Living in Prague for 5 years she assisted many agencies in the newly opened Eastern block with their creative campaigns, including Euro RSCG, Scholz and Friends, and Leo Burnett.

Working as a consultant with Telegen Services, Kimberly was recognized as a key communicator by the U.S. government in the largest peacetime mobilization to date, the 2000 Census. She was responsible for training, implementation and QC overview of foreign language call centers that handled the first 800# information line, which received over 7 million calls. She also worked with Comcast and MediaCom clients.

Then Renaissance Vineyard and Winery offered her the Director of Marketing position in the Sierra Foothills of California. At RVW she developed a direct mail program, implemented a nurture track system - using Goldmine - that increased sales in the direct marketing channel by a dramatic 30 percent, and repositioned and re-branded their estate tier of fine wines. Kimberly then began hosting seminars and consulting for other companies in the Sierra Foothills. A few of her clients there include Apollo Olive Oil, Bubalus Bubalis Buffalo Mozzarella, Encanto, Busco Fine Foods, Terra Firma and Ulysses Books.

Expanding into the Bay area and also into the non profit sector Kimberly worked both paid and volunteer positions for the Green Party of California, Marin Peace and Justice Coalition, and Practice Advancement. A few of her achievements in this segment include being elected Green Party county council, promoting a successful GMO Free ballot measure and initiating a nation wide Independent Media campaign. She also organized many fundraising events including a local film festival and a walk for peace that brought over 2000 people to the streets and garnered over $30,000 worth of free media coverage.

Her success in the non-profit world caught the attention of Washington, so she relocated to the D.C. area where she assumed the position of Director of Development for Citizens Health Alliance. For almost two years she worked with lobbyists and united human rights organizations, raising awareness, staging and speaking at events that ultimately brought about a change of law, through FDA public hearings, to safeguard children's health.

Returning to a quieter life in Northern California, she indulged her personal passion for books and became the Marketing and Sales Director for the Petrarch Press, a non-profit fine press publisher.

Kimberly then moved to Athens where she continued consulting for the Petrarch Press and several other U.S. businesses via the Internet. She also consulted for many sectors in Greece, including FMCG, medical, real estate and investment businesses and shared her marketing expertise through public marketing seminars that were translated into the Greek language.

Today, with the IT advantage, Kimberly hosts seminars and consults for businesses worldwide. 

The Truth Told Marketing Group is made up of the finest creative professionals that Kimberly has garnered relationships with over her 20-year career in marketing. Each team is hand picked depending on the client’s specific needs, location and budget requirements.

To reserve a seat at her next seminar, go to the Seminars page. If you would like a one-hour free consultation to discuss your business marketing needs, please find Kimberly’s current contact information on the Contact Us page.